Concealed hinges

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Hidden hinges are hardware that cannot be seen. Such hinges are hidden in the rebate clearance, i.e. between the sash and the frame. Thanks to this, the windows definitely gain in aesthetics, because there are no additional elements - only the sash frame is visible. It is a very elegant solution that will perfectly emphasize the minimalism of windows and their modernity. The hidden hinges can also be used in larger windows, e.g. balcony windows, thanks to which the living room or other room with such windows takes on an original character.

Comparison of concealed and standard hinges 

Concealed hinges Classic windows window-accessories fitting-accessories concealed-hinges
Concealed hinges
Concealed hinges Rounded windows window-accessories fitting-accessories concealed-hinges
Standard hinges
  • Visibility: concealed hinges are invisible from the outside, providing a more aesthetically pleasing window appearance, while standard hinges are visible from the outside.

  • Construction: Concealed hinges tend to be more complicated in construction because they are hidden inside the window frame, while standard hinges are more traditional and simple in design.

  • Costs: Concealed hinges can be more expensive to purchase and install due to the more advanced design and installation process, while standard hinges can be less expensive.

  • Adjustability: Standard hinges often allow you to adjust the opening force and angle of the window, giving you more flexibility in use, while concealed hinges may have limited adjustability.

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